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We at Orange Cafe, New Zealand understand the concern of privacy and safety of information provided by the users who are placing their order on the counter or online. We value and respect the information shared by our customers who browse our website to book events, dinners, birthdays, wedding celebrations and other special occasions. We ensure the fact that our site collects and uses personal data in an obliged manner as described by the law. 

We have termed the privacy policies for all the users who are accessing our services online. The first use of the site is under complete acceptance of users. 

Definition and Interpretation 

Check out the meaning of terms mentioned on the website and privacy policy terms:


Whenever you access information or browse certain pages of our website then a small text pops up on the screen of your computer. It is called “Cookie.” Cookies used by the site and its details are set under the section 13:

Personal Data

It means all the information of your name, email id and other details shared by users via the website. This definition is provided in General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and We/Our/US/Takeaway is referred to as Orange Cafe, New Zealand (Registered Company).

Information About Us

Orange Cafe site is operated by ——-

What is Included in the Privacy Policy Section?

Our site may direct you to the links of other websites which are provided only for the information purpose. These links are available for the convenience of users. We are not indulged in any kind of endorsement or approval of services, opinions or products of other websites and we are not confined to take control of what data of users they are collecting, using and storing at the site. It is advised to check privacy policies of the other directed links of the websites. 

User Rights

  1. Under the rights of GDPR, the privacy policies of using the personal data has been designed to include:
  • Intimation about the collection and use of user’s personal data
  • Access to personal data of users under section 12
  • Rectification of personal data which is incorrect or incomplete under the section 14
  • Right to be Forgotten: we can delete any personal data of users as it is held for a certain period of time (under section 6). Those who are interested in getting it deleted quickly (under section 6), can contact us today.
  • Prevent the processing of user’s personal data
  • Right to get data probability i.e. making a copy of personal data to get it reused with another organization or service
  • Right of objection to use personal data for certain purposes
  • Right for automating the process of making decisions and profiling.
  1. Users who are concerned or may have cause for complaint about personal data use, can contact Orange Cafe about using the data under section 14 and we promise to provide the best solution to our users. In case of no answer or revert reply, users have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office. 
  2. For more details about rights, feel free to contact ICO or Local Citizen Advice Bureau.

What Kind of Data is Collected by Orange Cafe?

As per the requirement, our site may collect different types of personal and non personal details (under section 13) like Name, Address, Contact Information (Email Address and Mobile No.), Delivery Address, Demographic Details (Post Code, Interests and Preferences), IP Address, Operating System, Web Browser Version & Type. 

Our site may ask you to opt for payment details like billing information via credit or debit card and all the payment modes are directed to third party payment processors like Paypal. In short, we have no access to this data. The contractual link is created between the user and payment process to agree on the certain terms and conditions. We are not responsible for any kind of errors, omissions, actions, or incorrect charges applicable by them.

How User’s Data Will be Used by us?

  • All personal data is stored and processed securely on a lawful basis under section 7. 
  • Users have consented to us for using personal data (subscription to Emails and SMS). It is also important to have a contract with you as you will be placing an order with us by sharing the details. We are liable to provide and manage your access to our website. The services include tailoring and personalizing experience on the site, supplying of services and goods, improving the website to provide the best user experience, sending SMS and emails opted by the users, and sending replies to your emails.
  • With permission of users by the law, we may use data for the marketing services where the surveyor can contact you to provide information regarding the news and offers. We ensure the fact that your rights are protected and obliged under GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation 2003.
  • Third Party cookies may be used by the third parties under section 13. We are liable to take no control of third party activities and we advise the users to check their private policies for any kind of concern regarding the data usage. 
  • We do not keep personal data for so long and users can withdraw their consent any time.

How User’s Data Will be Stored with Us?

Under section 6, we only reserve personal data as long as we need it. For security concerns, we ensure the protection of saved data.

Are We Sharing Your Data?

  • We may have contracts with third parties for supplying services and goods. On this behalf, user’s data is shared with T2S. It includes sub contractors, search engine facilities and payment processors. In some cases, we need to share data with proper safety, rights and obligations under the law. 
  • Statistics are compiled about the use of our site which includes data on traffic, usage patterns, sales, user number and other information. All such information will include any anonymous or identifying data which can be combined with other data to identify users. The third parties like affiliates, advertisers and partners may take information under the bounds of law. 
  • The third party processors may be used by us which are located outside EEA. In case of EEA outside areas, we take appreciable steps to secure the personal data under GDPR. 
  • In case of legal proceedings, we are compiled to share certain data of the users under court order or government authority.

What will Happen when Orange Cafe Business Change Hands?

  • The businesses can be expanded and reduced from time to time. This also involves the transfer of control of sales in all parts. The new party will be following up the similar terms and conditions of privacy policy as mentioned before. This will include personal data provided by the users and the new party will originally collect this information from us. 
  • The users will not be informed or contacted in advance about the changes of the data transfer process. 

How Can Users Control Their Data?

  • Under the GDPR and Section 4, you can submit personal data via Email or via Website. Users are also given the option to restrict data usage. We also provide strong control on the use of data for direct marketing services (ability to opt out of SMS and Email receiving services from us which can be unsubscribed using links given in the SMS and emails). 

User’s Right to Hold Information

  • Users can access website links and information provided at the site without feeding any data to us. For using certain kinds of features and functions, users may need to allow or submit for the collection of certain data.  
  • Users can restrict the use of cookies and choose the option of disable or enable cookies on the internet browser. Many internet browsers enable the users to accept cookies which can be changed later. For complete details, users can consult the help menu. Our site also provides the option to delete cookies on the device at any time. This can delete the information and access to the site can be difficult.

How Can Users Access Their Data?

Users can ask for a copy of personal data provided by them at our site. For more details, feel free to contact us under section 14.

Use of Cookies

  • Our website may access particular first party cookies on the user’s device. First party cookies are directly placed and used by us. We use cookies to improve and facilitate the user’s experience at our website. We tend to improve our services from time to time. All cookies used on our website come under the current cookie law. 
  • Cookies on the computer or website are visible through a pop up request to the users. They are given consent to set and place cookies to get the best experience. The consents of cookies can be denied where certain features of the website will not fully work and desired information can not be obtained. 
  • Some particular website functions are dependent on the use of cookies. The Cookie law has the strictly necessary option. The consent to place cookies is important and users can block the cookies by changing the setting of the internet browser. It is to be noted that certain functions of the website will not be accessed after changing the settings. 
  • Our website also uses Google Analytics which refers to the set of tools to analyse and collect usage information to have the best understanding services for the users. It also enables us to improve website functions and services offered to the users. Users can opt their choice of using cookies or not. If they are not interested to use cookies then their privacy or site usage will not be risked at all. 
  • Users can enable or disable cookies at any time. Many internet browsers tend to accept cookies which can be changed further. To get more information about the cookies and cookie law, users can drop their queries and concerns by emailing us. 
  • Website users can also opt to delete cookies from their device or computer. However, the personal information will be lost.
  • It is advised to update the internet browser and operating system to have the best site usage experience. For any kind of help, assistance or guidance, users can contact the developers of internet browsers and manufacturers of the computers to adjust the privacy settings. 

Contact Us

Users can contact us to get any kind of information regarding the cookies, privacy policy and their terms and conditions. 

Changes in Privacy Policies

We are liable to change private policy any time. The changes will be posted on the website and users can accept the terms and conditions of the privacy policy as mentioned by the site. They should check websites to have regular updates regarding the changes in privacy policy. 

Orange Cafe

Our journey began in November 1982, when orange café was a drive-through restaurant amidst the beautiful town of Wanganui. Soon, by April 1992, seating options had opened for guests, where they could sit and enjoy the lip-smacking meals offered at the café.

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